We are Minnesota Business Global Community

This value-added, rewards-based, Business Membership Organization is supported by prominent authors, who are leading discussions of best business practices through monthly educational events. These speaking engagements are virtually delivered through social mediums such as Zoom. Weekly events provide a great opportunity for business-to-business networking. We create a space for economic recovery discussions, and support of business communities, who, in turn, find that a tithing business community provides for the needs of their customers in greater abundance than simply providing products and services. Through these expanded purposeful relationships, business members learn fresh new economically sound applications.

Our Members realize substantially greater economic growth, and one of the many benefits that Our Business Members experience is witnessing their brand gain greater recognition in the marketplace.

Our Platform will provide a steady stream of customers and business-to-business relationships as we discover new avenues of recovery together, forming a conduit for change in a local economy engaged in developing global economic relationships. In the virtual world of commerce, Our World is the pearl in your oyster.

In a time of change, the correct choices can lead your business into a golden age. The change is coming. Will you realize the profitability in time? Join in this economic expansion today. Create a link with us, and new business will follow.

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