Common Ground for the Common Good

Members of the Minnesota Business Global Community look at the common ground for building personal, business, and community assets together. To do this, we invite leaders, and just plain folks, who would like to make their community, and ultimately the world a better place for all.

We have created common ground, and our mission is embraced, and bolstered by a belief in the words of Anthropologist, Margaret Mead, who said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Minnesota Business Global Community, “MBGC” is committed to giving voice to diverse cultural, economic, and political perspectives. We welcome all dialogue that aspires to produce healthy, sustainable businesses and communities.

Together we find common ground for the common good.

About us since 2020

Our mission is not typical during a Worldwide Pandemic. A strong business model is typical and expected because we all will answer the call; together, we will marginalize this pandemic and its effect. Our World will stabilize, the economy will again be robust and common ground will again be restored.

"For things to change, we must change. For things to get better, we must get better”

-Heidi Wills

About The Director and Chairman of the Board

Russell Ray Vanasse

Our Board Chairman has served on the Board of Directors of “Responsible Minnesota Business” since 2001, and is currently serving on the board for Net Impact, both of which are also registered with the Secretary of the State of Minnesota.

We are now bringing forward Minnesota Business Global Community. Since the year 2001, Russell began his leadership position on Responsible Minnesota Business. A nonprofit, 501c3 organization in the role of the Director of Communications. He continued to serve as the Director of Membership Development over the many years since, finally being elected by the Members to the Office of Chairman of the Board. Once again, he has been assigned the role of Chairman as we respond to a troubled global business community. It has been said that this year “Minnesota holds the heart of the World.”

Russell has been changing the face and the methodology of nonprofit organizations since 1991. Because of his earlier work in this field, he was invited by David Numelka Sr., in 1996, along with 16 other people experienced in this field, to brainstorm about a plan to change the face of nonprofit work. This group, along with an impressive line of businesses, a spectacular technology team, and a large business community, raised $19.6 million in a Venture Philanthropic effort over a 3 year, 6 month period creating micro-credit loan programs supporting the business efforts of families in third world communities. One World Online Foundation also built water wells filling a much-needed resource in several nations. Through that effort, Russell traveled extensively, speaking on behalf of the Foundation and “The Gift of Life Program.”

Russell specializes in creating marketing plans that utilize “Venture Philanthropic Strategies.” His retirement objective is to benefit philanthropic organizations, support actions of both economic, and environmental sustainability, increase health, and wellness awareness, bring new insights, and actionable steps into social justice, and equality issues, and increase the financial base for families. Russell’s focus in this objective is to provide new insights into a marketing group and guide his team with the successful management strategies that he has lead over the course of a well-seasoned career. When you connect financial ventures to the support of non-profit organizations, companies benefit from the tax write-offs, and brand identification is increased.

About The Board Chair of Technology

Cody Pratorius

Our Chairman of Technology has completed several innovative Information Technology projects, such as artificial intelligence studies, client-side databases with user interfaces, and the autonomous operation and cross-communication of internet-connected devices.

Cody has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, an Associate’s degree in Computer Programming, and a CompTIA A+ Certification. Because of his wide variety of career experience in both Information Technology and Business Administration, Cody has become proficient at developing creative IT solutions that strengthen the customer-business relationship.

Cody has experience managing several business models including multifamily syndication, dropshipping, joint venture partnerships, and patents. He also studies various business-related topics, such as sales, business optimization, psychology, writing, philosophy, management, media production, and advertising. Cody believes that expanded knowledge from multiple perspectives allows the utilitarian path to reveal itself, and by learning skills relevant to your trade, you can maximize your impact on the world.

Cody’s dream is to gain financial independence, so that he can focus his time and energy on philanthropy.

Want to be seen? Let us help you build your “Brand.”

We bring seasoned professionals to discuss your offering and its niche in the marketplace, find its role in the current business climate, and frame its direction as we move forward with you always at the helm. We will include our eager young people at the table who bring a fresh perspective into the conversation, especially regarding their generation’s prolific use of social media. As this collaborative symphony is played out, mentorship blends to flow both ways bringing forth the best possible results for your business ventures. We will create a stream of marketing concepts surrounding the marketplace and place you firmly into the fold of your market niche. We love combining old with new bringing the waters of separation into a bold new business model that embraces change and brings enlightenment into any business platform. Providing an opportunity for real fiscal growth and when used properly with the concept of “Venture Philanthropy,” the results are amazing and simple. People will flock to your “Brand” because it feels good to do so, as long as you fulfill the promise with good services or product that stands up to the “Brand Name” that we create together.

"We Vote with Our Actions”

-Benjamin Shield