Minnesota Business Global Community Benefits and Rewards

Your source for insights into a sustainable economic recovery, Business to Business”

Minnesota Business Global Community, {M.B.G.C.} welcomes you into the conversations surrounding the economic recovery, best business practices, and responsible business issues, and actions.

We are a value-added, rewards, benefits-based business membership organization that operates within the context and practicality of a non-profit, 501c3 charter, organized in the State of Minnesota.


  1. Monthly Prominent Authors Speaking Platforms Virtually Delivered, with an additional Q and A session added at the end of each event.
  2. Weekly Guided Business to Business Networking Events, delivered virtually in formats such as ZOOM.
  3. Weekly Networking Events Hosted by Member Businesses in the Hospitality Industry. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Happy Hours.
  4. In November we begin our weekly Fireside Chats with business leaders featuring topics relevant to the economic recovery, climate change issues combined with real world actionable steps, and other important business related issues.
  5. Provide us with links to your website, after they pass our criteria over-site they will go live.
  6. Opportunities to be featured during events, as well as the membership invitations.
  7. Presentation opportunities for members during monthly, weekly, and daily networking events. There will be program relevant opportunities before, and at the conclusion of our speaker events.
  8. Value is added, along with rewards when products, services, and discounts are offered to members, as well as clients visiting our site. We encourage additional exposure at our events as a powerful marketing tool.
  9. Free, or discounted samples, or services are also encouraged to be included into our value added, rewards benefit package, and will provide a great introduction to our new members of your business offerings.
  10. A monthly newsletter, combined with featured partner statements, and insights. Actionable steps for both the individual, business, and community will be outlined within each edition. We will be focused upon the economic recovery, the environment, social equity, and justice, health, and wellness, and yes, a reaching out across the aisle for all stake holders to take account of responsible community involvement.
  11. Starting December, a peer review page cycle by members, for members, and website visitors, featuring your mission, services, and products.
  12. Partnerships, Affiliates, and Sponsorships offer marketing opportunities, and links on our website, as well as at our events, and invitations, sent out to a much larger audience than just members, which is already generous in scope.
  13. Philanthropic Venture Brand Building through our creative network group.
  14. Walking with the Leaders Program.
  15. Travel Events and Promotions.
  16. Direct Marketing Event Shows.
  17. Listing within our annual report.
  18. Local, Nation-wide, and Global Exposure.

When did you last have an opportunity to take such an active marketing role for your business with any membership organization, or non-profit that encourages you to make a difference in the world, while building your brand?  We challenge you to find such an opportunity. The last time our Board Chair did so, they raised $19.6 million for philanthropy in less than 4 years. Wharton Business School, the University of St, Thomas MBA program, and many other business college programs have taught program leadership about that very same company model. In fact, most of the rewards money back credit card programs have been based upon that company’s success and leadership. JOIN US TODAY, and build your own success story.